who is she?

photo by  alexandra

photo by alexandra

Hello! My name is Kit. I can identify myself in a myriad of ways - photographer, feminist, Oregonian, vegan, Enneagram 4w5 - and while all of these identifiers are true and good and important to me, I don’t think any piece of my identity would be complete without coming back to the core of “human.” It seems obvious, but bear with me. Everything I do and everything I make, whether it’s photographs, art, food, or friends, draws me back into being human; the one thing that we all share.

In college, I majored in anthropology and journalism. I share this not to brag about my student debt, but because I think the combination of anthropology - slow, methodical observation of societies and cultures - and journalism - high-intensity documentation of life as it happens - is the perfect space for me to inhabit in both my life and my art.

I am a documentarian as much as I am an artist. I am drawn to natural light, to contrasts, to pieces of life, important or not, that might otherwise go unnoticed. I believe that humanity should be captured as it is. I believe that people’s stories should be told. And I believe that this is the most powerful way to inspire other humans to make a change in themselves and, ultimately, in the world. Yes, I want to change the world. Who doesn’t?

All inquiries, comments, concerns, questions about pricing and packages, good (or bad) puns, and links to cute youtube videos of cats can be directed to that little box right over there.


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